Aroma Concentrate Pro-Tips

Aroma Concentrate Pro-Tips

Pristine Aroma Concentrate Pro-Tips

Colloquially known as ‘essential oil’, Aroma Concentrate is created for use in Electric Humidifiers/Diffusers/Air Fresheners. It is extracted from the essence of essential oil, carrying its scent and other benefits, but not essential oil itself. It is a foamless and water-based concentrate fragrance solution that dissolves well water without leaving any unsightly oil puddles.

Pure essential oils are not suitable for diffusers, and using it in the long term will cause damage to electronic diffusers. If you have a USB/electronic diffuser, it is time to try Pristine’s Aroma Concentrate.

How to use aroma concentrate?

As our aroma concentrate is of a much higher fragrance content, just 2-3 drops per 100ml of water is sufficient. Simply add water into the diffuser and drip the aroma concentrate into the water by squeezing the top part of the dropper.

Depending on the type of diffuser used, that mixture should be able  to fill up an entire room with your preferred scent.


How to control the intensity of the scent?

The type of electronic diffuser used has a great impact on the intensity of the scent.

Some suggestions to control the intensity of the scent are:

  1. Adjust the power on your diffuser. All good electronic diffusers should allow you to adjust the power of the diffusion. The higher the power, the stronger the intensity.
  2. Adjust the location of your diffuser. The scent dissipation is correlated to how far you are away from your diffuser. 
  3. Change the filter on your diffuser. An unmaintained, overused filter typically does not dissipate the scent well as it will not be able to absorb the scent effectively.
  4. Adjust the amount of aroma concentrate used. The more drops used, the stronger the scent. We always recommend starting with 2-3 only then adding more when required. 

Aroma Concentrate

Why do we not sell Electronic Diffusers?

Pristine’s strength is our fragrance content, not the diffuser we deliver it in. We spend the bulk of our resources into research and development on the best methods to extract essential oils, and the fragrance essence of essential oils. Feel free to use our aroma concentrate with any diffuser you find fit.

How long can 10ml of aroma concentrate last me?

10ml of aroma concentrate equates to approximately 200 drops. With normal usage, you can use one bottle roughly 80-100 times.

Shop Pristine Aroma Concentrate here.

So if you have been using essential oils in your water based diffuser, it’s time to stop now and switch to pristine aroma concentrate.

So what makes our Aroma Concentrate different from the rest?

  1. Highest % of fragrance essence in the market. This is why our product is more expensive than other generic ones, u get stronger and longer lasting scents. You get what you pay for!
  2. Hotel Inspired scents, with brand new names to represent various types of hotels around the world. More on that later.
  3. Dropper cap so you can better control the number of drops used, and wont spill easily.
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