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As Reviewed By Canadians - Himalayan Tea Is Guaranteed To Make Any Room Smell Like Westin Hotel

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Notes Of ION Orchard

Himalayan Tea is infused with an elegant combination of white tea, bergamot, bitter orange, cardamom, roses and jasmine notes.

This luxurious scent profile is similar to the ION Orchard scent which is refreshing and calming.

Best Aromatherapy Award

Himalayan Tea is the winner of BeautyInsider's annual Reader's Choice Award.

Best Aromatherapy Brand For Health & Wellness.

A Better Quality Product

Pristine diffuser blends have a higher concentration of fragrance oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

Pristine reed sticks are made of polyester for greater scent dispersion and mold prevention.

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"Reader's Choice - Best Health & Wellness Aromatherapy Award"

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