Swiss Château - A Breath Of Fresh Mountain Air

Swiss Château - A Breath Of Fresh Mountain Air

The bags are all unpacked and the long-awaited vacation to the Swiss Alps is finally among us. We’ve needed this for some time as with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, being able to step away from it all to soak up some mother nature has all but become a necessity. As we pull up to our destination for the next couple of days, we’re left breathless by the amazing sights that the Swiss Alps has to offer. Among the lush forests and towering mountains lies our cozy little chateau. Our driver drops us off and unloads our bags from the car as we step out and get acquainted with our new environment. The first thing we notice is the warm feeling of the sun beaming down on us as birds trickle across the vastly blue sky overhead. We close our eyes and draw in a deep breath. Our senses are invigorated as we’re immediately hit with all the aromatic sensations of a Swiss Chateau in the summertime.

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The aroma is simple yet complex. It’s like nothing we’ve ever smelled before, however, it’s comfortingly familiar. We begin to dissect the various aromas and quickly pick up on soft notes of tangerines. It’s not as potent as an orange, but the notes that creep through are just right and not at all overpowering. It’s sweet yet subtle at the same time. There’s something else there though, something that adds to the sweetness with a hidden element behind it. It doesn’t take long before we recognize the sophisticated aroma of fresh raspberries. While they are sweet, coupled together with the citrusy smell of tangerines, we’re able to pick up on a little hint of tanginess in the air. It’s very pleasant as that subtle note increases our overall awareness of the sweet aromatics that currently envelop our senses. Breathing in through your nose and out of your mouth, you can almost taste the sweetness in each light sweeping breeze that continuously fans over us.

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Before we head inside, we decide to walk down the path and journey further away from our vacation home. Don’t worry, we won’t go far, just a little deeper into the lush Swiss woodlands. Entering underneath the great forest canopy, the warmth of the sun is veiled, and the air becomes much cooler. Heart notes of white flowers and roses add a delicate floral layer to the scents we’ve previously been enchanted by. The smell of freshly cut grass makes itself known and the earthly aroma compliments the other aromas fantastically.

It's getting late now, so we should head back and take our things inside. As we walk through the old wooden doors we’re treated to the pleasant smell of musk and the hearty aroma of sandalwood. Taking a moment and standing in the open doorway you let all these smells mingle and become one. At that moment you have the Swiss Chateau experience.

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After an amazing week away from it all out in the beautifully lush and scenic Swiss Alps, we find ourselves back in our everyday lives. This time, however, we’re recharged and revitalized. We needed that step back from the norm to put everything into perspective. Now that we’re ready to put in the work and pay the bills, we mark next year's vacation on the calendar and look forward to it wholeheartedly.

It’s nice to know that we don’t need to visit that cozy Swiss Chateau in the Alps to enjoy the experience again. All you need is our Swiss Chateau scent and you’ll instantly be reminded of the scents of tangerine, raspberry, and freshly cut grass. Heart notes of white flowers and roses, and the base notes of musk and sandalwood. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let our Swiss Chateau scent take you back to that summer at a Swiss Chateau in the Alps.

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