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4-Pack Hotel Aroma Concentrate Set

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Hotel Scent Series

4 x Essential Oil Diffuser Blends (10ml)

  • Comes in a gift-able box with 1 of each hotel scent - English Country Inn, Maldives Villa, Japanese Ryokan & Swiss Chateau
  • Pristine aroma concentrates are a blend of water-soluble essential oils & fragrances.
  • For use with any humidifiers, water-based diffusers, crystal or clay diffusers.
  • Designed in Singapore with premium essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

1) Add a few drops of Pristine Aroma Concentrate for every 100ml of water in humidifier.

2) Add more drops for a stronger fragrance

3) Turn on humidifier, sit back & relax

*Aroma concentrates are suitable for all types of humidifiers & water-based diffusers

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Every hotel scent has a unique blend of essential oils & fragrances.

English Country Inn - Wake up to pancakes, strawberries, and vanilla cream, inspired by a stay in the English countryside. A blend Hoary Stock, Violet Leaves, Jasmine, and Vanilla. Learn the inspiration here.

Maldives Villa - Inspired by the scent spray of the Maldives ocean. A blend of Hyacinth, Apple, Grapefruit, Violet Leaves, Ocean Blend & Sandalwood. Learn the inspiration here.

Swiss Château - Inspired by the cozy Swiss Châteaus located in the Alps. A blend of Raspberry, Lily of the valley, White Flower, Rose & Cedarwood. Learn the inspiration here.

Japanese Ryokan - Inspired by a traditional Japanese hotel or Ryokan, nestled away in the forest. A blend of Galbanum, Amber, Sandalwood, Lavender, and a touch of talcum powder. Learn the inspiration here.

Moroccan Riad - Inspired by the fragrant spices, along with garden-grown bergamot oranges, elusively dances with the air to bring about an intimate and intoxicating experience. Learn the inspiration here.

Casa Particular - Inspired by the pungent smell of Tobacco leaves mingling with hints of guava sweetness creates this rich and intoxicating affair. Experience living in a Cuban home with this smoky and earthly scent. Learn the inspiration here.